"Eat a bowl

& raise your BAR!"


We are dedicated to creating the finest bowls & smoothies

with superfoods that have been used for centuries and recognized worldly for their natural healing properties.  Our key ingredients: Acai and Pitaya allow us to merge ancient tradition with modern life.

We are a way of life, a state of mind, and thinkers and learners.

We are believers in the food we eat, words we say, and actions we live by. We are inspired by our friends, families, and people we meet every day trying to get to a healthier place.  We are not just a destination, we are a lifestyle.

Where passion meets life, we are



"We are overjoyed to share what inspires us and use it as a medium to inspire others. We know we are all a little different individually, but collectively we strive to find what fuels our lives, and within that journey, we find the strongest connection; that of the mind and body.  Our food is our fuel and while it is not the only reflection of who we are as a people, it does suggest which direction we are headed.  FIT BAR is simply our vision of a healthier tomorrow." - Fit Bar Crew