A healthy blend of

mindset, nutrition, and movement.


We’re thinkers.

We’re learners.

We’re a state of mind.

We’re a way of life.

We are believers in the food we eat, words we say, and actions we live by. We are inspired by our friends, families, and people we meet every day trying to get to a healthier place.  We are not just a destination, we are a lifestyle.



Let’s hear what they said!

Very nice little place with good clean, nutritious options and extremely nice staff!
— Mike Vordd, Seattle Fit Bar Customer
Love this place so much! The workers are amazing and super nice! Great vibes!
— Breegan Saller, Seal Beach Fit Bar Customer
Great bowls and coffee paired with an inviting and relaxing atmosphere.
— Nick Vankleeck, Seattle Fit Bar Customer