Experience our bowls and smoothies - each handcrafted to bring you the most refreshing flavors and give your body the nutrients and power it deserves!

the power is in the bowl !


       Our Inspiration

Falling in love with an active life style, gave us the motivation and desire to deliver a product to our community that not only made peoples lives better, but more importantly, enhanced their health.  FIT BAR is inspired by not only ourselves, but the people and members we meet everyday, trying to get to a healthier place.

My brothers and I have been in the fitness industry for just over 8 years now, and we are excited to see our culture and society finally recognizing food as fuel.  When we entered the industry we immediately noticed how hard it was to get nutrient dense meals on the go or just at all for that matter.  Four years ago, we took a leap of faith, and invested in our commitment to health by opening our first gym.  We feel beyond blessed to help and motivate people to live healthy and stay healthy.  Together we realized that our passion for health and fitness didn't stem  solely from our love of lifting heavy things but, rooted from the food we consumed and the life style we consciously chose to live.  Our kitchen has inspired both our health and friendship and we have taken what we've made in our kitchen the past four years-ingredients that have become a foundation of our personal health- and brought it to share with our community and friends. 

Our key ingredients: acai and pitaya, are not just great additions to all life styles, but offer amazing health benefits as well. In this fast pace world, it is our goal to keep your body fueled and feeling good.  Yes, our bowls and smoothies feel as good as they taste!